The co-authors


Justin was a high school junior when he felt called to action following the attacks of September 11, 2001. When discussing his decision to later enlist in the US Marine Corps with his parents, he explained that he could not “stand by while others fight for our freedom.” His charisma, integrity, and laser-focused determination touched the lives of many. Justin was killed in action at the age of 26.


Chase was a gentle giant who stood up for the underdog and guided broken souls to seek help. He was also a musician who wrote, produced, and played each part in an album he finished just days before he passed. This album can be found under the title Unexamined by Chase Longo with Top Floor Records on SoundCloud. Chase was 21 years old when he passed.


Despite facing many challenges throughout his life, Dan dedicated himself to learning and living an intentional, purposeful, and generous life. He enjoyed sharing his gifts and skills to support others and celebrating life's special moments.


J.T. was seven years old when he passed. At his funeral, child after child stood to say he was their best friend, and how he helped them through something, whether it was being sad at school, or sharing his treat, or just saying “I’m here.” At seven years old, he had compassion and wisdom that he shared with everyone he met.