Vickie Hays

Vickie Hays established a career as a paralegal and law office manager while raising four children and completing her college degree. The sudden loss of her son, Justin, and the events that followed, forced her to question her logic-based thinking that she had developed while working in the legal field. During the days and weeks that followed her son’s passing, she discovered that not only was Justin still with her, but that she was able to communicate with him. As Vickie was grieving, she began volunteering for a non-profit horse ranch that provides services to military veterans. It was while volunteering that she was reunited with her childhood friend, the Horse. She was delighted to learn how the unique Horse energy lends an environment for holding space and aids in emotional healing. Vickie, with Justin’s guidance, now focuses on healing with horses, and has a special interest in working with the military veteran community. She is a medium and Reiki Master, enjoys reading, gardening, and being in nature. She lives in Northern Michigan near her daughters and their families.

Carrie Hackwelder-Longo

Carrie Hackwelder-Longo has always lived along the shores of the Allegheny River in Western Pennsylvania, bouncing between multiple neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and several rural towns seventy miles north. Originally dreaming of having the life of a metropolitan jetsetter, she has finally come to appreciate the beauty of the hills and valleys, love between small-town neighbors, and the bountiful gifts from the Universe found in the area. Although Carrie currently teaches middle school level English and reading (and loves it), it is her role as a student that is most defining—whether it be immersing herself in poetry and prose, or, more importantly, learning life’s lessons from being a human among other humans on this earth. As a lifelong learner, Carrie has worked for years meditating and preparing to connect with Spirit. She also continues to grow and learn from those who are far more experienced. Using wisdom from loved ones and guides merged with a background in writing, Carrie hopes to share her journey with others. She often chuckles when she recalls her father asking what she would ever do with a degree in English writing… thank goodness Spirit knew all along.

Kimberly Latta

Kim Latta spent 35 years in traditional government and non-profit work providing services to older adults and people with disabilities and coordinating health education programs. But in 2020, after the death of her husband, she quit her government job and began a new path into energy work, communication with animals, and communication with people and animals who have crossed over. Since then, she has become Reiki certified for animals and people, trained in animal communication, and certified to provide Dolphin and Whale Healing Energy services for people and animals. As part of this certification process, many animals have enjoyed the experience of receiving this unique healing energy and all animals have been enthusiastic about offering her their feedback about their healing session. Throughout Kim’s transition, her husband, Dan, has been the biggest supporter and often sends messages of encouragement from the other side of the veil. She feels especially passionate about and called to share healing energy with animals and all living things in nature and sees them as partners in the healing process. She offers the healing energy and lets them decide if they want to receive it or not, and for what they want to use the energy. Kim has spent time traveling to other countries to be with dolphins, whales, horses, lions, and other animals in their natural setting to learn about their spiritual gifts and messages for mankind. Kim lives in Longmont, Colorado and through Animals Feel Better, she provides mobile in-person and distance Reiki services and other energy work to help animals feel better, naturally.

Sarina Baptista

Sarina Baptista is an award-winning author, international speaker, spiritual teacher, and evidential psychic medium. Her book, My View from Heaven, is a 2019 COVR Visionary Awards Bronze Recipient in the Iconic Book category, and the 2021 Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Award Winner in three categories. She was a featured speaker for the “Life, Death and Beyond” International Conference in Crete, Greece, and is a visiting medium at Lily Dale, NY, during their summer program. She is a presenter at the IANDS Conferences, and has created many training programs, including spiritual mentoring, workshops, and retreats. Sarina discovered her gifts through her own tragedy—the passing of her seven-year-old son in March 2007. She learned that her son did not really die. He was still very close, and he led her to her incredible gifts. Sarina’s award-winning book, My View from Heaven: A Boy’s Story of His Journey to Heaven and the Purpose of Life on Earth released December 2014 was written by her son J.T. to answer questions about where he is, how he found his way, what he’s doing now and why we choose to come to Earth in the first place. Sarina also has two other books. A Bridge to Healing: J.T.’s Story — A Mother’s Grief Journey and Return to Hope, is about her grief journey and how she found her son again. Her book released in December 2013, A Bridge to Healing: J.T.’s Story Companion Workbook, takes the work she has learned from her son to a new level to teach others what they need to know to have clear connection with their angels, guides and loved ones on the other side. J.T. also created an oracle card deck, The Channeling J.T. Oracle Cards, to assist people seeking their own answers. It is Sarina’s mission is to help you find purpose and connection to your highest Divine Self, create the bridge for conversation with loved ones who have passed, and mentor psychics and mediums to be master messengers. Sarina currently lives in Melbourne, Florida with her husband, son, two dogs and two cats.